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Green Day Graphics' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Green Day Graphics

Speedy_the_fish <3 @ livejournal

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Heyyyy guyyss... [9-16-06 at 2pm]

Yeah hey.

Obviously you guys can see this community just like...Crashed and burned.

The reasons being that I lost photoshop. My computer broke, and my internet connection died on numerous occasions.

So this is just to tell you guys that...

I have a new journal name jesusatejamie.

And I have a whole new community called spitsink.

spitspink is a graphics community (no shit) and it focuses on Music, Movie, TV, Cartoons...ETC. So if you'd like go join there...and if you'd like, go apply to be makers...

So yes. Go join spitsink as I am offically closing speedy_the_fish

No you may not have the name, so please, dont ask...

Much love!
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56 multifandom Icons [7-18-06 at 9pm]

12 Veronica Mars("Not Pictured")
12 Ryan Reynolds
20 Pirates of the Caribbean 2
12 Green Day

Rules and Regulations:
Please do not Hotlink!
Please Comment and Credit!
Textless Icons are not Bases!


(I'm leaving this town.)
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Icons [4-10-06 at 3pm]

My first post. Yay. Please comment if using credit is optional :¬)
teasers1/Image hosting by Photobucket 2/Image hosting by Photobucket 3/Image hosting by Photobucket

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Speedy_the_fish [2-7-06 at 8pm]

Welcome to speedy_the_fish! The Green Day Graphics Commuinty.

The Up-coming LJ cut is about Graphics, and Rules.

Graphic Samples, and More Rules .Collapse )

FEBUARY-MARCH 2006Collapse ).
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